Mission and vision


VidaSense strives to leave a positive impression with every client. This impression is created because one feels at home at VidaSense and can be himself there. After a first visit they experience that the therapeutic form of VidaSense is normal, and not scary.

Our aim is that every client looks forward to your next visit and wishes to work together with us towards a life with more color, direction, energy and, above all, a better quality.


Because of VidaSense’s high accessibility, it has a wide target group with of clients with a large variety of personal problems. Through targeted communication and providing personal tools, the answers that are already present inside of each person are being brought to the surface.

In a homy atmosphere that will instantly make you feel at ease, with an inspiring staff the staff will give you energy, you will come to the end result a better life with a high quality.

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Maak Afspraak
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