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Founder / Hypnotherapeut / International Trainer NLP

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This is Jos,

Jos was born and raised in Brabant in the Netherlands in an entrepreneurial family. He started his career as a sales manager in business services and worked at a high level in some of the largest international companies. He quickly learnt the value of good communication and how the intelligent use of words can create positive outcomes.

He also discovered that he was a natural coach and was often asked by his colleagues for advice and guidance. This helped him develop the art of listening, and a curiosity for the way that people use words so carelessly when they talk. 

As a result he studied and gained qualifications in psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In 2005 he took this knowledge and the experience of working with people into the corporate world and started his own consultancy, VidaSense, in the Netherlands.

Jos has become a sought after public speaker and has built a reputation for helping both individuals and companies to change outcomes by communicating better. According to Jos “Employers are not always aware of the greatest potential within their company: people. You cannot summarize what I do for and with people in a few words. My goal is to ensure that people get the best out of themselves and to show you how you, as a company, can make optimal use of this potential and the possibilities. Do you dare to look in the mirror, do you get the most out of it and do you know what your added value is? With these questions I shake people up. Where do you want to go and what do you want to achieve today? These questions are the starting point of every personal conversation or group training.”

At Vidasense, Jos is supported by a team of experienced trainers and coaches who work with families, children, schools, individuals from all walks of life and companies of all sizes. Through life coaching and psychological counselling he helps peoples become more motivated, and achieve their full potential.

 Wishing you a wonderful day and looking forward to meet you at VidaSense.

Jos Frederiks

Jos Frederiks, hypnotherapeut,
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