How satisfied are you with your job? Do you work alone to provide for living or is it really your passion?Perhaps you think that dream job can not be achieved for you, or choose the security your current job offers. But what if it turns out that there are opportunities for you to do what you really like? Where would you choose?

Jos Frederiks sees them every day in their practice: young people who have no idea what education they have to choose, people who have been doing the same work for years but feel that their job does not suit their job anymore or men and women who, by circumstances, Such as a resignation by bankruptcy or bankruptcy, stand for a new phase in their lives and do not know which way they should hit. “Of course, there are legion tests available on the Internet, but those tests are often very flat, the questions are usually subjective and it does not offer the opportunity to sprout. Such a test alone says very little. There is a roll in what category you need to search for your future, but often it’s something that you never expected or do not find fit with you, “says the career coach. “Of course, we also use tests in practice here, but the big difference is that we want to get to know you. What are your core qualities and which job is best for you? And along with you we walk through the path that makes you visible in what direction you need to search. That’s a great process, it’s a party every time, “Jos says enthusiastically.

Broadly oriented 
“Actually, every person needs a coach at least once in his life,” Jos experiences. “Yes, that also applies to myself. I never see myself like another sees me. You have a blind spot for certain things. A coach makes that blind spot visible through critical questions from a positive mindset. And of course this also applies to a career job. For example, people come here through word-of-mouth advertising, the internet or a business doctor when they feel no longer happy in their current job. We first go to the table for an intake interview: who are you, what kind of family do you come from, what did you expect from you, what did you do, what are your hobbies and where is your heart going faster? Where is your passion? Of course, it’s important that there’s a certain click, but you’ll notice that soon at such a first call. By paying close attention, I quickly notice what someone really cares for.Sometimes there are certain blockages from the family that need to be addressed first. The advantage of our business is that we are very broadly oriented and thus provide psychological support. Sometimes you must first understand certain things of yourself before you can open yourself to make that switch and go off the beaten path. “

Passionately, Jos further tells: “Besides a little awareness of your own potential, you also communicate to yourself and how your body reacts to it. If you already say that you can not do anything, everything in your body will resist when you try it. Often you do not know how much influence language has on yourself. And besides, you can learn to take account of yourself, so you can make other choices. Do not stay in a job in which you are not happy. Even though you were expected to take over the company. Even though the home front does not look why you want something else, is it all right now? No, we start from your current situation and walk together the way to accomplish your dream. You will undoubtedly convey all kinds of impetuous convictions, but we will lead you through there too. On the other hand, we also have many good ideas on our way to open your mind. From a safe environment and from your own wishes package, you will achieve your dream and achieve it. And even though you do not know what you dream or passion about right now, you will discover it with my questionnaire.A good career coaching falls and stands out by discovering your own identity. Also for you there is a solution, “Jos decides his story full of passion.

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Maak Afspraak
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