Both occur in large and small companies may be situations where employees or volunteers do not know how to go with it. This may for example be about manifestations of aggression, sexual harassment, dismissal, being bullied or harassment by colleagues or managers. Of course, other issues may also play a role through which employees do not sit in their skin and this can manifest itself in the form of motivational issues such as inter alia lateness and make more mistakes or worse notify the employee or volunteer is going to get sick.

In your business, this is more or less unfortunately. What about if a colleague makes sexual innuendo? How do you go along here? Say nothing, you stay away, sign up you get sick or have to declare?

Of course the employee or volunteer should rightly be in the company at the designated confidant or management. But often, practice shows that it does not want because it does not feel safe enough.

Within VidaSense we can offer listening ear for employee or volunteer, so they it always has someone from outside the organization has a confidant to lose his or her story.

Important values for us: good to remain in contact with each other, creating a pleasant and safe working environment and see / have a common goal. These are important conditions on which both the organization / departments as employees or volunteers can develop.

Depending on the situation where the employee or volunteer is to involve the employer or supervisor herein. When an employer or supervisor does not know exactly what someone plays could in fact raise misunderstanding and stress. It is therefore good to discuss this together in certain situations, allowing you to create mutual understanding.

The team of VidaSense can guide your employee or volunteer herein, with features such as discipline, work and life experience, knowledge of healthcare and society, but also a good listener will help us to support you as a confidant.

Should there be something, feel free to contact us so we can explore the possibilities together.

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