Both in large and small companies, situations may occur in which employees or volunteers do not know how to handle things. This may be about manifestations of aggression, sexual harassment, dismissal, being bullied, or harassment by colleagues or managers. Employees who do not feel optimal may start having motivational issues such as being late often or making more mistakes, or worse: the employee or volunteer calls in sick.

Unfortunately, this also takes place in your business. What to think if a colleague makes sexual innuendo? How do you handle that? Do you say nothing? Stay home or call in sick? Or do you have to report the offender?

Of course, the employee or volunteer could turn to the designated confidant or management within the company. But practice often shows that people do not want that because it does not feel safe enough.

Within VidaSense we can offer a safe space for your employees or volunteers, so that they always have someone from outside the organization as a confidant to share their story with.

Important values for us are: maintaining good contact with each other, creating a pleasant and safe working environment, and having a common goal in mind. These are important conditions on which both the organization and the employees or volunteers can develop.

Depending on the situation that the employee or volunteer encounters, we can involve the employer or manager. When an employer or manager does not know exactly what is going on with someone, this can cause misunderstanding and stress. It is therefore good to discuss certain situations together, so that you create mutual understanding.

The VidaSense team can guide your employee or volunteer in this, whereby characteristics such as insight, work and life experience, knowledge of healthcare and society, but above all someone who truly listens, will help us to be a good confidant for you.

The team of VidaSense can guide your employee or volunteer. Characteristics such as insight, work and life experience, knowledge of healthcare and society will help us to be a good support for your employees. Above all, 

If you need someone who your employees can talk to about these sensitive matters, feel free to contact us. We can explore the possibilities together.

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Maak Afspraak
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