Individual psychology

When things are not going the way you want

Sometimes, things are no longer going the way you want. For instance, you are suddenly feeling insecure about a presentation that would normally go effortless, or you snap at a colleague for no real reason. Another example may be structurally arriving late while that is not your nature. It seems as though time is against you.

For you as an employer it is of utmost importance that your main asset, “people”, meaning your staff, can perform at their best to achieve great results together.

Maybe a normally happy and dedicated colleague is less positive these days and does not contribute as actively to the work process as he used to. Things are all going somewhat awkwardly and nobody really knows what is going on. Perhaps this person calls in sick regularly within a short period of time or is working a lot of overtime and seems to be restless.

Don’t let the problem grow bigger

Usually, these things build up over a longer period of time, and due to the high workload you may not really notice it, until the problem has grown too big: the person reports sick for a longer period of time or does not perform sufficiently any more on the workplace.

Did you know that sick leave, currently over 35%, is mostly due to psychological complaints? Of course, we do not have to explain the costs of an employee suddenly staying at home due to these complaints.

What is going on inside your company?

For this reason, it might be important to conduct a thorough research in cooperation with a third party into how this has developed in your company the past years and how sick leave can be reduced in an agreeable manner.

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Maak Afspraak
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