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Industrial and organizational psychology

Would you like to know the potential of one of your employees or would you like to develop yourself or your team? Then, VidaSense is the place to be. We employ people who know the ins and outs of industrial and organizational psychology.

With several tests we will teach people, departments and organisations to make the right choices, to set their course and to stick to this course. We believe assertiveness, learning to choose, good communication and the art of negotiating are important skills to learn.

We offer various clear services in the domain of industrial and organizational psychology, such as psychological research, psychological counseling, an intervention advice and different trainings by professionals. We offer SMEs as well as larger organisations a complete package including an analysis, advice and intervention.

The point of departure of VidaSense

Our point of departure is always careful, thorough and substantiated diagnostics, that provides the fundament for solving the problem. We use different forms of therapy in which we will work in a people oriented way. We choose a solution and attention oriented approach.

With experts in the domain of industrial and organizational psychology and a supporting secretariat, we offer services to help people and organisations.

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Maak Afspraak
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