Burnout or stress-related complaints

Approximately 35% of the number of employees that becomes disabled suffer symptoms with a psychological root. Depending on their severity, these work-related psychological problems are classified as: work-related stress, exhaustion or a burnout. Complaints of stress can in turn lead to a burnout.

Stress is a common problem these days. We are all familiar with stress: feeling anxious about an exam or presentation, a tight work deadline, a busy week in the family or moving house.

As long as this tension is temporary, we manage to deal with it at times, because we can relax again afterwards. But if stress symptoms persist over a longer period of time, this may result in exhaustion or a burnout.

What is causing your stress-related complaints?

Do you feel like you can no longer cope? Or are you tired, irritable, moody and emotional? Do you suffer from ‘unexplainable’ physical symptoms? Does it seem like your memory is letting you down and are you having difficulties focusing? And does everything take more effort than usual? Figure out for yourself what is causing these stress-related complaints.

For instance, do you suffer from stress at work or do the symptoms have another cause? We know that the sooner you seek help for such symptoms, the more favorable the prognosis will be.

At VidaSense we can help you climb back out of that hole and help you prevent these stress-related complaints from evolving into a burn-out. We give practical tools to best deal with stress in the future in order to reduce the risk of recurrence, prevent this from happening again and to have you know what to look out for.

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