Help for children and youth

Maybe you recognise one of the following: moments of struggling in the development of your child and moments when your child doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin for a certain amount of time. Most of the time, a child, with the help from their environment, will feel better over time.

But sometimes it’s desirable to seek professional help to assist your child in being comfortable in his or her own skin again by providing someone to listen to their concerns of another form of counselling.

Especially by those mild problems, VidaSense is the right psychological practice! In 5 till 10 consultations, we aim to offer support in such a specific and personal way, that the child will be able to continue without any form of help after those sessions.

“We teach our children what we have being taught. They teach us what we have unlearned: simplicity, munificence, spontaneity, honesty and being surprised.”

The treatment program for children younger than 16 years old starts with an interview together with their parents/carers,  followed by an individual interview with the child. Based on those interviews, a personal treatment program will be offered.
Usually after 5 sessions, an interim evaluation with the parents will take place to discuss the progress that have been made so far and to consider what kind of extra help is required in the possible following sessions.  If there are any important circumstances in which we can’t wait for the evaluation after the fifth session, the parents will be informed immediately.

For children at the age of 16 and older, the interview will take place without their parents unless they ask them to join.  Sometimes it’s even recommended to see the parents alone before having an interview with their child.

VidaSense is able to offer support for various requests for help. At the following pages, you will find the wide range of problems that come to our practice.  If you require detailed information about our different treatment programs, feel free to contact us.

Treatment of children and youth is only given in Dutch.

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