Bullying at school

In our practice we regularly see children who are being bullied or who bully others. Even in the media it is a much-discussed topic. Often, the consequences of being bullied are very serious. It is very important to be vigilant in detecting the different signs of bullying to be able to take action in an early stage.

A lot of children are confronted with bullying in primary or high school: they get bullied, they see other people get bullied or they bully other people themselves. This bullying behaviour can occur inside as well as outside of school and may result in negative consequences for years. Especially for those children who got bullied.

The difference between bullying and teasing

The difference between bullying and teasing is that both parties are equal to each other when you talk about teasing. They both do something innocent to each other, and falls into the category of “playing”.
However, when talking about bullying there is no equality. Usually a whole group chooses one person to bully. This person is usually afraid to stand up for him/herself and lacks the ability to defend him/herself. At the long term, bullying can result in psychological problems and can cause symptoms such as insecurity, negative self- esteem and loneliness.

We can help!

VidaSense offers support to children who get bullied by teaching them to cope with bullies in an effective way and make them “stronger” in contact with other children. When children bully other children, we can make them aware of the consequences of their behaviour and investigate the causes and triggers of their bullying behaviour.

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