Depressive feelings / gloom

Maybe you recognise one of the following behavioural changes in your child; isolating him- or herself, being less enthusiastic, often being angry and/or often feeling sad. If your child doesn’t want to go to school or doesn’t want to play with their friends anymore, your child might suffer from depressive feelings.

They lose interest in activities they usually enjoyed doing and it seems that they have problems to enjoy activities. The feelings of depression may have an impact in their daily life which is shown in reduced school performances, less social interactions and showing gloom or anger in their home situation.

Sadness is a common feeling amount everyone.  However, when they become persistent it’s important to take actions in order to feel better again. At first, we will search for the causes (usually false thoughts about themselves and their environment) that trigger those sad feelings in order to be able to change them into positive ones, which will result in reducing the sadness.

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