Fear of failure

Performance anxiety, other anxieties, and phobias

Performance anxiety is a common problem in every age group and can result in negative feelings. Someone who suffers from performance anxiety is afraid to perform badly, afraid that they are not able to accomplish a task, or afraid that they disappoint someone. They are afraid to fail.

A child with performance anxiety might be afraid that he or she is not able to meet the expectations of their social environment, resulting in procrastination and avoiding difficult situations. However, this anxiety can also lead to a child wanting to do his or her very best. For example: they show excessive studying behaviour, but still don’t have the confidence of passing the exam. During the exam they can experience feelings of panic which can lead to a black-out.

Performance anxiety does not only involve thoughts about their own capability, but also thoughts about expectations, either set by themselves or by their environment. When these expectations seem to be too high, the child might get the feeling that he or she is unable to meet these expectations and in his or her opinion, fails.

In the sessions we will search for the irrational thoughts that are responsible for the performance anxiety in order to change these into positive thoughts to improve personal wellbeing.

Phobias and other anxiety problems

When you often feel anxious in situations which are not really dangerous, it can seriously interfere with daily life functioning. Anxiety is a natural response of your body and mind to a threatening situation. When the anxiety is rational, for example when confronting dangerous animals, experiencing natural disasters or a fast approaching car, it is a useful reaction which prepares your body to react fast.

When someone suffers from irrational anxieties, this person is scared of a situation or an object that doesn’t cause any distress in people who don’t suffer from anxiety. When these thoughts lead to either avoiding or escaping certain circumstances or objects, or lead to specific compulsive behaviour in order to create a sense of safety, it’s time for action!

Sometimes anxiety is accompanied by hyperventilation and panic attacks when you are afraid that you will be confronted with the object or situation you are afraid of, i.e.: dogs, spiders, planes, small spaces and heights. These kind of anxieties can interfere extremely with daily life functioning due to avoidance behaviours. But, the good news is: also these anxieties can be overcome!

When anxiety interferes with daily life functioning, you might suffer from an anxiety disorder.
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