Negative self-image

Children and youth with low self-esteem can be very insecure about their personal performances. For example, they compare themselves with their peers who, in their opinion, are more intelligent, better looking or have possessions which are more beautiful. This can result in the internal idea of “never being good enough” and “not being worth anything”. The child might get the feeling that he or she doesn’t belong to a group or might get the feeling of being invisible. Children and adolescents with low self-esteem should learn to see themselves in a different way.

With methods from cognitive behavioural therapy and other therapies we try to alter disturbing thoughts into more “helping” thoughts.

Insecurity can cause many worrying thoughts. Children can keep thinking about (small) things that, in their opinion, went wrong. They keep thinking about things that could happen or can’t stop thinking about what other people may think about them. Mostly, these thoughts are irrational and interfere with their daily life, because they are unable to stop them.

In the sessions, we aim to discover the origin of these irrational thoughts in orde to be able to change them into more comfortable and more realistic thoughts.

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Treatment of children and youth is only given in Dutch.

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