Concentration problems

A lot of children are sensitive to stimuli and can be distracted by all sorts of stimuli in their environment at the expense of their concentration. When children are not feeling comfortable, this may also cause concentration problems.

When you turn to VidaSense, we will find out the cause of these concentration problems and together we will find solutions to improve their ability to concentrate.

What is ADD and how does it differ from ADHD?

There is a difference between ADD and ADHD. ADHD probably sounds more familiar. It means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This means that a person diagnosed with ADHD has concentration problems and in addition is hyperactive, acts impulsively and can easily have a temper.

But what is ADD? Someone with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, only suffers from concentration problems and carelessness. ADD as well as ADHD often occurs in children and adolescents, but can also occur in adults. Research shows that 3 to 5 percent of children has ADHD.

Help with ADHD and ADD

Children with ADHD or ADD experience difficulties keeping their focus. They are continuously influenced by external stimuli and are triggered by these. They make mistakes at school or have troubles focusing on their homework.

This does not mean that they cannot handle the educational level, but they simply cannot focus well enough. These children can also appear to be chaotic, hyperactive and impulsive.

Does this all sound familiar? Then your child will probably suffer from concentration problems.

Do you need assistance with ADHD or ADD? The VidaSense team is ready to offer you this assistance. Please contact us for more information.

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